Lady Luck's Desperado


Fluff was matriach of our house..  Though she was major pointed in the confirmation ring, her title comes from the obedience ring.  

She did come out of retirement at 7 years of age to show in Veterans for the BCA Div. III specialty, coming home not only with a 1st for Veterans, but Specialty Best Opposite Sex. 

Though we miss Fluff every day, we see her in the ways of her grandchildren and great grandchildren we have now.. 
Lady Luck's Fluff Le Coque CD
9-1-95 - 4-22-06
Welcome to the home of Lady Luck Bulldogs

Look around and see some of our dogs, present and past.  All are special, all have given us great memories.

If you are looking for a Bulldog, please feel free to ask questions.  Bulldogs are not for everyone.  They can be high maintenance, even in the amount of time they demand of you.  They are "people" dogs, they want to be part of your everyday life.  But the love, the laughs, the fun and comfort they give to you are priceless.

Please do not purchase a Bulldog from a pet shop, or from an online site without researching the breeder and the dogs.  With Bulldogs being so popular, many are bred without concern of health and quality.  The price you pay now may cost you double later in medical bills.

Perhaps also consider adopting a Bulldog from Rescue.  Open you heart to give an older bully a home and love.

If you have questions, feel free to call or email.   702-451-4010 or